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Our flexibility is key to our customers’ successes. Schubert is a pioneer in the development of technology and customised services for a wide range of sectors – from pharmaceuticals and cosmetics to beverages, food and confectionery products, all the way through to technological articles. The Schubert Group not only supports its customers as a manufacturer of packaging machines and automation solutions, but it also has an expert consulting team that develops tailor-made solutions for your specific application. In addition to its international offices and facilities, the Schubert Group has subsidiaries in the areas of IT, engineering, precision parts and packaging services. Here, we have summarised highlights on the practical implementation of a wide variety of customer projects. We hope you enjoy reading our success stories!


Schubert Packaging Systems

  • Schubert Packaging Systems

    21.04.2017  | Author: Redaktion

    Packaging beer bottles of any size

    Carlsberg wanted to change this aspect of their packaging department. It was looking for a line concept which could accept new sizes at any time. next Carlsberg wanted to change this aspect of their packaging... next

  • Schubert Packaging Systems

    13.01.2017  | Author: Redaktion

    „The hospitality was overwelming“

    German sales engineers and technicians experienced some surprises during the first IPS project in Jordan. Despite different mentalities, they had been able to realise the project as usual to the satisfaction of the customer. next German sales engineers and technicians experienced some... next

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