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Relocation of parts production ensures faster throughput times

In the course of the expansion and modernisation of the parts production area at Schubert, the CNC machining centres were moved to their new location in Assembly Hall 1 South in August. The preparations required for the relocation of parts production started at the beginning of the year with the move of the service repair department and Transmodul assembly into new areas in the existing factory production hall. This created a lot of space for a new, modern and partially automated parts production.

After renovating the hall area, all turning and milling machines were moved. Thanks to excellent collaboration between employees, operating technology and the relocation company, the task was completed two days earlier than planned.

At their new location, all machines are already manufacturing parts for our TLM packaging machines. Over the coming months, the machine park will also be expanded by a new machining centre including automation.

The machines were simply too heavy for direct transport across the basement area. So everyone had to roll up their sleeves and “thread” the processing centers through the narrow gates.

A new laser system

The space in Hall 1 South freed up by the move will not remain empty for long. Here too, renovation work of the floor and electrical installations are being carried out. Schubert invested in a new Trumpf laser cutting system. Placing the laser in Hall 1 South avoids the long transport distances of lasered sheets, therefore further reducing throughput times. In order to be able to expand capacities in the sheet metal area, automated loading and unloading is also being installed on the laser system. On the one hand, this improves handling of the heavy sheet metal panels and on the other, serial parts can also be manufactured fully automatically at night.

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