Schubert verpackt unterschiedlichste Konsumgüter

A cart full of Schubert

You’re pushing your shopping cart in between the supermarket shelves and you grab something off the shelf. And as is often the case, the product you selected was packaged by one of our acquaintances: a Schubert TLM packaging machine robot. Since its inception, Schubert has packaged 1 trillion 436 billion 162 million products – many of which end up in our shopping carts each and every day. The shopping cart we could fill with products packaged by Schubert systems is huge. Do give us a thought the next time you go shopping.

Whether chocolates, biscuits or chocolate bars, yogurt, coffee cream or cheese, champagne, beer or Radler, shower gel, hand cream or hair spray, pet food for cats, dogs or birds, whether dowels, watches or spools of thread, syringes, vials or ampoules, the range of products and formats is enormous.

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