Premiere of the Flowmodul

In its 50th anniversary year, Gerhard Schubert GmbH packaging machines is premiering a world first in packaging flow-wrap bags.


Today, with its seven modules, Schubert can perform all standard tasks in the top-loading area. With the Flowmodul, the company can now offer its customers the opportunity to seamlessly integrate primary packaging aggregates into a TLM system. For these applications, the packaging machinery manufacturer once again works with standard solutions, as they are currently used in proven TLM modules. Thanks to the modularity of this space-saving solution, users capitalise on significant benefits in terms of flexibility and quality in production.

The machine being exhibited is a picker line with five F4 robots that place biscuits in a Flowmodul’s product feed system. A total of 500 products, or 250 bags each with two products, flow through the packaging process per minute. The product feed consists of a flexible, fully automatic adjustable chain, with which products can also be carried on toothed belts. The chain speed is regulated by the robots and continuously adapted to the product flow.

The Flowmodul is fully integrated into the line of the packaging machine without an electrical cabinet and is controlled via the VMS packaging machine control system. Since the same control components as used as with the robots, control of the entire system is conveniently managed using a single terminal.

The Flowmodul and the feed consist of eight NC drives and four positioning drives. For conversion to another product, the Flowmodul and the chain are automatically adjusted. The format change is, as expected from Schubert, handled simply and quickly. And after the conversion, no adjustments are required. The change from one film roll to the next also takes place automatically.

As standard procedure, the recently introduced 3D image recognition is used. Therefore, only  products recognised as ‘good’ are processed and reject products have no effect on system efficiency.

Until now, Schubert has demonstrated its leading role in the field of top-loading machines through regular innovations. Now, customers can also seamlessly map primary packaging processes with technology from Schubert.

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