Robots are taking over

Since 2010, the demand for industrial robots has accelerated considerably due to the ongoing trend toward automation and the continued innovative technical improvements of industrial robots.  The number of robot installations had never increased so heavily before. Between 2005 and 2008, the average annual number of robots sold was about 115,000 units.

Schubert too has recorded increasing demand for their packaging robots. Gerhard Schubert Verpackungsmachinen GmbH generated sales of 174 million euros in 2015. This represents yet another sales record for the acknowledged leader in the field of digital packaging machines in its 50th year of existence.

In this article, we provide a short overview of the most important trends dominating the demand for industrial robots, published by the International Federation of Robotics.

  • By 2018 global sales of industrial robots will on average grow year on year by 15 %.  In the same period, the numbers of units sold globally is forecast to double to around 400,000 units.

  • Five major markets are representing 70 % of the total sales volume: China, Japan, USA, South Korea and Germany.


  • Regarding to robotic density, South Korea is the front-runner, deploying 478 industrial robots per 10,000 employees followed by Japan (315 units) and Germany (292 units).


  • Germany: the world’s fifth largest robotics market and the largest in Europe. Within one year, the sales figures increased by around 10 % to about 20,100 units – to date the largest number of sales registered within twelve months.


  • The statistics on robotic density likewise indicate huge opportunities for growth in the USA. Production industries there deploy just 164 industrial robots per 10,000 employees right now. In 2014 the number of installed robots increased by 11% to around 26,000 units – making it third in the world.


Images: Schott Relations

Source: IFR International Federation of Robotics

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